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How to Update Your Home for Spring

Spring is a time of rebirth and renewal in the outdoors, so try having your interior mimic this.

 Instagram / restoringlansdowne
There's something utterly rejuvenating about spring. After months of cold and dreary weather, many of us feel an urge to spruce up our homes and embrace the energy that comes with the new season. But it can be difficult to know where to begin to give your space a fresh feel.
If you're itching to update your home without making a drastic change, here are 15 easy ways to embrace the spring season inside and out.

Sprinkle in Bright Colors

Spring is a time of rebirth and renewal in the outdoors, so try having your interior mimic this. While those dark colors felt right in the winter, it's time to swap them for pastels or even bold neons. If you're really feeling daring, change out some of your old dining room chairs for ones with a pop of color, as seen in this beautiful space from naptimestyle.
 Instagram / naptimestyle

Decorate With Flowers

One of the easiest ways to update any room is to add a bouquet of fresh flowers like this one from _awkward_peach. From bunches of daffodils and tulips to sprigs of eucalyptus and hyacinths, take advantage of all those flowers at your local grocery store. Decorating with fresh flowers is easy and can be done in every room of your home. Between stunning centerpieces and nightstand-friendly bud vases, there's no place in your home that couldn't use a few flowers.
Instagram / _awkward_peach

Use Lighter Fabrics

Put away the heavy faux fur throws and cable knit blankets, and replace them with lighter fabrics, such as cotton or linen. As this light and airy bedroom from hemmainteriors_com proves, crisp neutrals can make a room feel bigger and brighter. Layering whites and pale pinks can be a lovely way to add a pop of color while still keeping your space neutral.
Instagram / hemmainteriors_com

Add Greenery

It can be hard to keep plants alive when the air turns crisp and the daylight fades away. If you've sacrificed a few houseplants to the winter season, replace them with new greenery, such as these plants from coletteslittlehome. Before you buy, make sure to pick the right plants for your lighting to ensure they survive until next spring.
Instagram / coletteslittlehome

Paint a Room

If you have a weekend to spare, consider repainting a room for a quick and easy makeover. Though it may not be bright, we love this green living room from naptimestyle. Green is the color of rejuvenation and rebirth, and thus it is a great choice for welcoming a new season.
Instagram / naptimestyle

Switch Throw Pillows

Looking for an easy upgrade you can make in just an afternoon? Swap out throw pillows and blankets throughout your home for a quick refresh that takes minimal effort. Whether you opt for soft pink throw pillows, as seen in this bedroom from my_grey_place, or you want something a little more neutral, swapping out textiles is a great way to make a room feel brand new.
Instagram / my_grey_place

Swap Out Candles

If you're someone who decks out your home with gingerbread and pumpkin-scented candles around the holidays, it's time to swap those candles for something a little more spring-friendly, such as in this room from dashlifestyles. Reach for floral or citrus candles to liven up any room in your house. Or simply go for unscented candles in pastel colors.
Instagram / dashlifestyles

Add Baskets to Reduce Clutter


'Tis the season for spring cleaning. And adding a basket or two (as seen in this office space from restoringlansdowne) is a great way to reduce clutter and change up your look. A lovely woven basket is the perfect accessory to store everything from throw blankets to dog toys and stuffed animals while still looking chic and stylish.
Instagram / restoringlansdowne

Update Your Patio Decor

You don't need a full patio renovation to update its look for the warmer weather. Simply swap out a chair or side table for something new and fresh. Although this lovely little outdoor space from roundthepenroses is simple, the bright throw pillow and fun side tables are perfect for welcoming spring weather.
Instagram / roundthepenroses

Switch Your Art

Updating your entire gallery wall is probably too much of an undertaking. But exchanging a few pieces of art throughout your home is a great way to make the rooms feel fresh and updated. This little console table from my.burleigh.reno features a large leaning art print that's super simple to swap out each season.
Instagram / my.burleigh.reno

Add New Tableware

Another easy change you can make in your home come spring is in your kitchen. Keep a set of lighter dishes and cups in storage to rotate when the seasons change. We love using all-white pieces, as seen in this image from somutschlove, but bright colorful plates and bowls are also perfect for the warmer weather.
Instagram / somutschlove

Change Your Shower Curtain

Although the gorgeous wallpaper look in this bathroom from kellyvonweberinteriors may not be an easy spring update, the light tasseled shower curtain is. Changing a shower curtain is a super simple way to create the illusion that you've updated your entire bathroom. Pick a light and bright style that coordinates with your existing decor and fixtures.
Instagram / kellyvonweberinteriors

Change Your Hardware

From your dresser to the kitchen cabinets, swapping your knobs and pulls for something a little more modern is a great way to update the entire look. We love the gold-finish pulls on these cabinets from kaylalebarondesign. But you can even mix and match the hardware to create your own personalized look.
Instagram / kaylalebarondesign

Upgrade Your Lighting

If your ceiling is still sporting a decades-old light fixture, spring is a great time to revitalize it with something a little more modern. We love the black woven lamp in this living room from my_grey_place, which transforms the space and acts as a centerpiece. Swapping out fixtures is simple, even for a novice, and it's a great way to update any room in an afternoon.
Instagram / my_grey_place

Display Your Own Prints

Even if you can't plan a spring trip, you can pretend you're at one of your favorite destinations by printing and displaying some of your favorite travel photos. We love this little corner from prettyinthepines. The travel photography looks like works of art, yet it's personal and can easily be switched out for other prints in the future.
Instagram / prettyinthepines

Try a New Doormat

Want to smile every time you come home this spring? Swap out your wintery doormat for a bright, cheerful one like this mat from familyshiplapanddunn. A new spring wreath or potted plant for your porch are also simple ways to remind yourself it is finally spring when you come home.
 Instagram / familyshiplapanddunn
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